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How autonomous vehicles "see" the world around them

Interesting infographic from Axios showing the various sensors cars have and how the club together to create autonomy.

We have some of these on our our newest cars and I can say with certainty that even with them, cars are dumb. I wouldn't trust any car enough to just let it drive on its own.

Biggest issue I run into with the automation available:

  • overly sensitive, which can make you overly aware of the surroundings but not necessarily the right part
  • inconsistent with distance detection, if there's a variation in the road or the pavement when parking then you need to be focusing 100% on the task the car is performing
  • collision detection makes a lot of assumptions, we sometimes hear it beep as the car in front turns while we continue forward and there was never a risk of collision but the car didn't know the one in front was turning

It's a lot of fun to make the car park itself but you have to pay so much attention that it's almost not worth it.

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