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‘But What Do We Do if Google Is Legitimately Just a Better Search Engine?'

This makes me think back to the mid-2000s when Sky lost their 'monopoly' over Premier League football. I'm not saying that choice isn't good, but to watch all the games available in the UK, you need to subscribe to 3 services; Sky, TNT & Amazon Prime.

From one cost to three. For me, this is failed regulation that benefited only the bottom line of the Premier League and has massively driven up the cost for all fans.

I think Google still has the best results for searching, once you're past adverts. But, I'm finding using a ChatGPT conversation will steer me in the right way. I'd prefer attribution for it's answers so that it was more transparent and so I can instantly cross-reference.

As a "content creator", I find SEO a nightmare. As a regular searcher, then for most of queries, Google's search product continues to be the best at what it does, it's just riddled with too many ads.

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