Why Girona winning LaLiga could be bad news for Manchester City

I for one am delighted with this revelation. I wouldn't say I oppose multi-club ownership but it's become very murky in the way that transfers occur. I think there should be a limit on how many sales can be made between clubs that share ownership. Loans too, clearly the number of players shared is going to be higher because of the underlying relationship but cap it.

If the two teams finish in the same position, the one with the highest club coefficient (City in this case) would be awarded qualification.

No club would sanction it, but in terms of avoiding a cartel, I feel that the club with the lower coefficient should be the one to qualify. They won't have to enjoyed the same windfall from being in the competition before so at a disadvantage from the start. The clubs with more money and clout should be pushed to be at their best, not to just fall back on their reputation.

via Kottke.org

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