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A Mexican Physicist solved a 2,000-year old problem that will lead to cheaper, sharper lenses

There's no way this leads to cheaper lenses, in the short term at least, despite any cost saving manufacturers make. Sharper images and fewer moving parts? Charge the same, or more.

As an ameature photographer, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Of course, you want your photos to be as sharp as possible, but softer edges can sometimes make the photo. And as you adapt to the limitations and imperfections of your equipment, your composition improves too.

Posted 12th Aug 2019 @ 18:35

NOFAME fashion

For his 7th project of the year, Simon Rahm has created a fashion brand that creates unique t-shirts. Each t-shirt features an original photo of somebody else but you can only buy by submitting your own photo so that your face appears on someone else's t-shirt.

Reminds me of an app called Rando, which is now defunct but plenty of clones have popped up, including Rando — Photo roulette by Modest.

Posted 12th Aug 2019 @ 14:07


Looks like another Maharishi and Nike collaboration is on the way.

Posted 12th Aug 2019 @ 11:33


After linking to the PlusMinus screwdriver, I ended up going to down a hole looking at other items Erdem Selek had designed and this one jumped out as a great idea.

The concept is very simple, but adds a consistent marker that turns into a bookmark on every page of the book.

Posted 10th Aug 2019 @ 14:00

PlusMinus Screwdrivers

Love how these look and can imagine the extra area would make them a joy to use. Really nice that it shows the type of screw, but I first thought the engraved signs would be there to direct you which way to turn the screw, but both signs are what you should push to make the screw tighter.

Price: $140

Posted 9th Aug 2019 @ 10:00

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