Visualize a mind-bending black hole

Looks just like the Interstella visualisation of a black hole. As the view changes, the behaviour of the black hole seems to too. I hadn't really thought much about it until seeing this video, but I guess I thought that no matter your angle it would appear as it does in the still but in fact that is just one angle from which to view a black hole.

Posted 30th Sep 2019 @ 10:03

Amazon's new Echo lineup 2019

Some interesting products from Amazon. AirPod and HomePod competitors as well as a pair of Echo Frames and the Echo Ring. They all seem reasonably priced, almost as if Amazon wants everyone to be able to afford an Alexa enabled device.

We have a Google Home Mini and while it's fun and convenient to have this internet enabled device I'm conscious that it's always listening. I'm not that comfortable with any of the big players having so much data about me, especially not Amazon and I should probably mute the mic and us it purely for streaming music.

Posted 26th Sep 2019 @ 12:16

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