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Pinhole Pro X 18-36mm – pinhole zoom lens for video & photo

I think these lenses look fantastic. I've looked at pinhole lenses many times in the past, but never gone all the way to buying one. I actually have a Lomography Konstrukto F kit that I really need to get around to building. There's nothing quite like the look of photos shot on real film.

Price: $41+

Posted 8th Aug 2019 @ 10:31

Everything Wrong With Shazam!

I really enjoyed Shazam! and yet so many great points raised by CinemaSins.

Posted 7th Aug 2019 @ 10:19

New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Grey Goose by Ragged Edge

Another well received branding effort highlighted over on Brand New, a really nice evolution of the Grey Goose Vodka brand.

Posted 6th Aug 2019 @ 18:14

Studio Proper's wireless charger for Airpods

I own the regular charging case Airpods that use the lightning port for charging but if I had the wireless ones, this is exactly the type of cradle/charger you'd want for it.

Price: $75

Posted 6th Aug 2019 @ 13:43

Roald Dahl's Marvellous Joke Book Paperback

We love Roald Dahl's stories and we've had a lot of fun reading this book the past few days.

Price: £3.32

Posted 6th Aug 2019 @ 11:50

"13 Reasons Why" season 3 trailer

While I really enjoyed the first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why, I'm not sure how this season is going to unfold. Season 2 ended in a way that looked like it would take the characters in a different direction and this trailer shows that we'll be taken on a new journey to discover who killed Bryce Walker.

Posted 5th Aug 2019 @ 16:16

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