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Photos from the Chernobyl disaster in 1986

I still have two episodes of the HBO mini-series to watch but it's terrifying that this ever happened.

Posted 6th Jun 2019 @ 11:41

2019 Champions League final photos

I've also linked to them as part of week 84, but the photos are so good I wanted to share them again.

Posted 5th Jun 2019 @ 10:00

Soccer field in Kailua Beach Park

Took a bit of exploring, but I found it on Google Maps. What a view. If I ever get to go to Oahu, Hawaii again, I want to score a goal on a pitch like this!

Posted 4th Jun 2019 @ 14:00

Waitrose launches packaging-free trial

The “unpackaged” model relying on refills has already been adopted by some independent retailers, delicatessens and farm shops but this is the first time it is being used at a national supermarket chain.

Great news for the Unpackaged story.

Posted 4th Jun 2019 @ 11:00

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