Sorry about your window!

What a cute Lego Shazam! scene.

Posted 19th Jul 2019 @ 16:18

Neil and Buzz barely got out of the infield

The Apollo 11 astronauts exploration of the move would have kept them within the confines of a football (soccer) field and the majority of their time was spent in within a baseball field. I'd never really thought about it, but of course you'd want to be as cautious and as close to safety as possible.

Astronauts on subsequent missions ventured much further. The Apollo 12 crew ventured 600 feet from the LM on their second walk of the mission. The Apollo 14 crew walked almost a mile. After the Lunar Rover entered the mix, excursions up to 7 miles during EVAs that lasted for more than 7 hours at a time became common.

Imagine being 7 miles away from safety. On the moon!

Posted 19th Jul 2019 @ 13:44

Instagram will now hide likes in 6 more countries

I demoted Instagram and turned off most notifications ages ago. Not that I don't want the likes, but not having to worry about it made me use the app in a different way.

I follow fewer accounts, I only like what deserves to be liked and I only share what I feel is worth being shared.

This change can't be rolled out fast enough.

Posted 18th Jul 2019 @ 18:51

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