Masego Tiny Desk Concert

Always enjoy listening to and discovering new music and artists and Tiny Desk Concerts have been a great way to do that. Live music always looks like so much fun, wish I'd seen more concerts in my younger days.

Posted 24th Jul 2019 @ 17:46

How to Be a Man

I don't read anywhere near as much as I should, but this was a nice gentle intro back into books. If you're a fan of Asim Chaudhry, People Just Do Nothing or Chabuddy G in general, you'll love this book.

Price: £6.75

Posted 24th Jul 2019 @ 15:52

Google Maps 101: how we map the world

Interesting look at how Google go about their business mapping the world. I'm persevering with Apple Maps for now.

For more on the evolution on the evolution of Google/Apple Maps, always worth having a look at Justin O'Beirne's blog.

Posted 23rd Jul 2019 @ 11:16

Lotus Evija

No idea if this is pronounced ev-ee-ja or ev-ee-ya, but it looks stunning. All electric, fast and powerful, exactly what you want from a Lotus.

Posted 23rd Jul 2019 @ 09:00

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