Soccer jerseys are prime real estate for advertisers and sponsors

Money continues to pour into football and it's pretty sickening to see we're talking about it in units of billions now when the 'basic' version of a shirt costs upwards of £50 and easily surpasses the £60 mark for the top teams.

For a number of seasons in the past 10 years or so there have been very few teams that have forgone sponsorship and I only know of AS Roma to have featured sponsorless shirts in recent years. Barcelona gave in for charitable causes about 10 years ago and this season, Paddy Power trolled football fans by having Huddersfield run out in a ludicrous kit only to then announce it was a marketing stunt and they've decided to 'unsponsor' the kit.

International shirts have so far escaped sponsorship, most likely because FIFA want total control over who sponsors what and where that money goes.

Would be nice to see regulations changed to reduce any advertising to around 10cm2 and much higher up on the shirt.

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