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Verizon agrees to sell Tumblr to owner of Wordpress

My career took me through a period of working with Wordpress and despite its flexibility, ecosystem and popularity it's not a tool I'd like to work with again. Some of my original attempts at blogging used Wordpress and it never ended well. Despite my own thoughts, it's definitely popular.

I follow a few Tumblr blogs and have had my own for years and recently set one up for 1 Thing A Week as another outlet.

The experience of curating individual posts is really nice on Tumblr and influenced how I've approached this site in some way. Dropping from a value of $1.1billion to less than $20million is crazy. Flickr, another Yahoo! aquisition, were acquired by SmugMug last year and while there's been no major disruption you can see attention has been spent where it was needed most. If the same happens to Tumblr, great.

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