Relief from ultra-bright headlights is coming — but slowly

We have a car with these headlights and on dark or poorly lit roads, they are absolutely worth having. For oncoming drivers, their path in the light is blocked while the rest of the surroundings are lit up.

Problem is though, they're not usually a standard option so there are untold numbers of cars that now have LED headlights, but not adaptive headlights.

Posted 27th Feb 2023 @ 16:30

Futura as an 80s Dark Fantasy Film

I would definitely watch this and from the comments, they're looking to make this a reality.

Posted 17th Feb 2023 @ 15:08

Electric car road trips are perfectly doable — if you plan ahead

Axios took a 1,500 mile road trip along the East Coast of America.

What we found: You can make a long road trip without fear of getting stranded, as long as you plan ahead.
  • That means juggling route-planning apps and billing accounts with various charging companies, which can get confusing.

This is what makes Tesla's infrastructure pretty compelling, it should all just work. Having to juggle apps and accounts depending on the charger is very different to optionally using a loyalty card when paying for petrol.

I'm not an EV owner, but to reduce friction, being able to pre-pay for a certain amount of energy (I'm thinking of a similar situation to using an Oyster card on the tube in London) or paying at the end of a charge with a tap of your phone or bank car would be the no brainer here.

EV adoption isn't going to slow because of the friction but I would have thought he friction isn't going to make it any faster.

Posted 14th Feb 2023 @ 13:33

Using RSS to ‘Rewild' What You See

I recently wrote about RSS feeds, I find them really useful and following related accounts on Twitter is a back up for me. I was an avid Google Reader user until it's demise and now really enjoy using Feedly.

Feedly in particular does a very good job of putting the content front and centre. You can pay for more features if you need them, but it's free tier is pretty powerful.

If you're not already, follow your favourite sites and creators RSS feeds.

Posted 9th Feb 2023 @ 12:56

John Gruber on Meta's Earnings


That ARPU extrapolates to about $45/year. Would you pay, say, $50/year to get an ad-free experience on Facebook's products? A year or two ago I'd have said yes, just for Instagram. (My Instagram use has decreased significantly since then.) I realize they're not going to offer that, but “average revenue per user” is an interesting metric.

So for all of that invasion of privacy, whining about App Tracking Transparency and the terrible algorithmic and ad-driven experience on Instagram all for ~$45 a user per year.

Given their drive and investment on their ad-driven model I genuinely thought it would be hundreds of dollars. It does equate to $90billion for Meta (Facebook), but who needs to be generating that level of revenue anyway? And all this after a round of layoffs.

Sometimes, Big Tech is just awful.

Posted 3rd Feb 2023 @ 08:59

Study Suggests That Hardware Buttons in Cars Are Safer and Quicker to Use Than Touchscreens

Certainly distinct buttons are easier to use than a touch screen. Both cars in ours household have rows of buttons that don't have any gaps between them so you still have to look over to see what you're pressing. One car even has some individual buttons that are flush against the surface.

Those buttons are still a lot easier to use than touch screens, touch surfaces and other weird and wonderful inputs that manufacturers continue to come up with.

Posted 25th Jan 2023 @ 16:03

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