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Zuckerberg: Apple 'Charges as much as it can' for hardware, but Meta is willing to sell at a loss to grow the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg:

We're going to build the best hardware in the space and we're going to basically sell it at a break-even point and in some cases, maybe even slightly at a loss in order to basically help grow the ecosystem with the business model of basically having the revenue come through software and services

And advertising. Unless that's being lumped in with 'services', which to me is disingenuous. Being advertised to is not a service. While Zuckerberg might see this as a way to disrupt the hardware space, don't forget that we are the product to Meta unless they decide to give up the creepier sides to their business.

It may well be true that Apple charges as much as it can, but doesn't any business? Meta obviously don't sell ad space at a loss so why would Apple sell their hardware that way?

It's not even a decade since Apple stopped charging for Mac OS upgrades, don't forget. I would much rather pay

I am not comfortable with Apple selling ads in any space given we are not supposed to be the product. Maybe ads around Apple TV+ makes some sense if it's not highly targeted. Entertaining ads are always more interesting and engaging than targeted ads, which come across as creepy.

In any other space though, Apple should steer clear of ads, in my opinion.

Posted 15th Oct 2022 @ 22:35

A Tour Of Robert Llewellyn's Ultra-Efficient Eco Home

Solar panels haven't made it onto our street yet, majority of the properties just face the wrong way but it's something that crosses my mind from time to time and would be great if we could figure out a way to make economically viable. Add in battery storage too and we'd be onto a winner.

Posted 14th Oct 2022 @ 14:13

Top Lightning-based Apple products that must switch to USB-C by 2025 for EU sale

The idea itself, to move everything to USB-C, is not a bad one. But we only have two options now, we don't have the mayhem of the period that proceeded Lightning and USB-C. Every manufacturer had their own cable, and even between devices there were incompatibilities.

Everything is either USB-C or Lightning. Nothing in between, no variations, just two formats. The change to USB-C is inevitable for the iPhone, so I'm not sure the legislation is really necessary.

2022 marks 10 years since Lightning's introduction and it was hailed, by Apple, as the port for the next decade. Well a decade passed and I had hoped the iPhone 14 would go the USB-C route.


Good Twitter thread from Bryan Jones on the whole situation. Maybe it won't be so bad, but mandating the inevitable is a bit weird. If anything, this would have made way more sense before.

Posted 4th Oct 2022 @ 19:00

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