How Artisans Make One Of Pakistan's Favorite Board Games

We had one of these carrom boards in our family and played it all the time when we all got together. Tempted to get one when my kids are older.

Posted 10th Jan 2023 @ 16:00

product designer maker uploaded a drawing to Instagram everyday for a year

Certainly achieved that goal way better than I did. I'm always in awe of the drawings shared and the process of bringing them to life. Watching the videos takes me back to my DT classes at school, which were probably my favourite lessons of all.

Posted 9th Jan 2023 @ 16:29

Alphaputt iOS game

I think this game looks brilliant, but I can't believe it is just over 500MB in size. It reminds me of the LEGO Builder's Journey game in Apple Arcade and that game is 1.2GB in size.

I just don't understand how we've got to a point where these things are so big.

Price: £1.79

Posted 5th Jan 2023 @ 16:20

Why Bellerby globes are So Expensive

This video is interesting enough anyway, but the timing was great as I was looking to share their products on Good Gear Club. The only reason I haven't is because their product photography isn't very good. It's not that they don't have nice photos, but the nice photos are of their staff.

They are beautiful globes and I'd love to be able to justify one of their desktop globes for myself.

Posted 3rd Jan 2023 @ 11:30

Argentina's World Cup Victory Celebration

It looked like Argentina were going to be sent home early when they lost to Saudi Arabia in their first game but they went from strength to strength and ended up champions of the world instead!

Posted 23rd Dec 2022 @ 09:00

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