Google touts AI and search advances at I/O conference

Google is speeding up Google Assistant on smartphones, by bringing more of the AI processing to the smartphone. The on-device features the company demonstrated focused mainly on tasks for controlling the phone, such as turning on the flashlight or taking a selfie, though some also drew on information stored in e-mail, calendar or photos and sending that information to other people. The features are coming first to new Pixel phones later this year.

One of the most frustrating things about Siri is the latency. Given Apple have touted their on-device machine learning, it would be great to see them make the same move as Android and move commands to the device first, only phoning back home as a fallback.

Posted 8th May 2019 @ 13:40

Millhead vs Cartmel & District football game

What a stunning location for a game of football.

Posted 8th May 2019 @ 12:00

Liverpool stage sensational comeback to beat Barçelona

Overturning a 3 goal deficit isn't easy against any team but it's almost become Liverpool's to do the unthinkable. The score line from the first leg flattered the Catalan giants but they took their chances, Liverpool didn't.

Even I couldn't see this kind of turnaround happening. Again. The season has been tough but what a feat. Beating the Spanish champions comprehensively and without reply.

My second club, AS Roma knocked Barcelona out in similar fashion a round earlier last year turning the result around and progressing to play Liverpool.

Hopefully the final ends with a Liverpool victory and the trophy returns to Anfield once more.



While I'm tempted to flood your feeds with more and more coverage of last nights game, I'll stick to updating with links here:

  • An Anfield miracle transcribed from the pages of pure fantasy
  • Liverpool blow the living shit out of Barcelona
  • Rory Smith for the New York Times

You can see the highlights of the historic win below:

Came across some post-match interviews I missed last night. One of the most striking things about Liverpool, especially under Klopp (and Rafael Benetiz before him), it's not about individual glory, this team is more than the sum of it's parts and I think that comes across so well. No matter the conduct of the opposition, how impressive the win or those moments of genius from one or two players, this team just do it all together.


BT Sport's 'No Filter' videos are a fantastic look back at the game.


A bit like BT Sport's unfiltered videos (above), Liverpool FC put together videos about match day, including some coverage of the game. I normally give them a miss, but couldn't this time:

Posted 7th May 2019 @ 22:31

Edinburgh streets went traffic-free to reduce air pollution

London has enforced an ultra low emissions zone last month and I'm intrigued to see how much it affects air pollution across the capital.

Posted 7th May 2019 @ 18:00

Enough with the 'actually, electric cars pollute more' bullshit already

Something I've heard and pondered many times. Turns out it's not true, electric cars are greener than those powered by fossil fuels.

Posted 7th May 2019 @ 15:00

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