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Detective Pikachu second trailer

When the original trailer for Detective Pikachu it looked fun but was overwhelmed with Ryan Reynold's voice for Pikachu.

Now with more footage, it actually looks like a fun movie that I might even make the time to go and see.

Posted 1st Mar 2019 @ 18:30

Axios Dashboard

I really enjoy the Axios format for news and their new dashboard is a nice little tool that gives daily updates on a small range of things. It just takes seconds to read and scan. It matches their 'Smart Brevity' moto to a T.

Posted 1st Mar 2019 @ 09:00

Cubbit: reinventing the cloud

The primary Kickstarter video doesn't really tell you anything, but their YouTube video explains it quite well.

Your data gets distributed randomly across other Cubbits so if you add up to 4TB of storage I guess that entitles you to that amount of cloud storage but not on your own Cubbit, but across all Cubbits. Very interesting.

Price: $219+

Posted 28th Feb 2019 @ 12:30

Meet the Polestar 2

It's not been that long since I looked at the Polestar 1 and I'll be looking at the Polestar 2 next week.

At a third of the price of the '1', the '2' looks more practical and more affordable and will be all electric.

Posted 28th Feb 2019 @ 11:00

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