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The Best Men Can Be

Not at all what you'd expect from almost any brand that's targeted at men. The message in the short film is right, but I can't help but be surprised by it. Not specifically that it was by or for Gillette, but that any male-oriented brand has put this together. I can't think of any brand that would have tried to pull this off.

Bravo, Gillette.

Posted 16th Jan 2019 @ 11:23

The Vitamin D myth

Jason Kottke and John Gruber both linked to this item from Outside.

For a number of years now in the UK, Vitamin D has been touted as the thing that is missing to keep us healthy. Those of us with darker skin don't get as much sun as we would if we lived somewhere warmer which would cause our bodies to create it's own Vitamin D. Turns out the evidence has been misleading as our bodies generate more than just Vitamin D when exposed to the sun.

My own understanding of Vitamin D was that our bodies used it to help better absorb the things we need, like calcium. But you need calcium to help you absorb Vitamin D which is why they're found in supplements together.

The Sun itself is the thing we miss the most.

Posted 15th Jan 2019 @ 11:17

Juventus streetwear collection

While I may not be a fan of Juventus, their re-brand really does work in the digital age and lends itself well to physical items as a logo.

Posted 15th Jan 2019 @ 08:17

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