Interactive trailer for Bear Grylls' 'Call of the Wild'

following on from Bandersnatch, Netflix recently said they'd be creating more interactive content and as part of their new show with Bear Grylls you'll be able to choose how he goes about his next adventure.

Posted 20th Mar 2019 @ 11:50

9 lesser-known iPhone tips & tricks

I think 8 of these are fairly well known but there's one that I just had never thought about. On the homescreen, if you pull down you get a search bar and it can work as a calculator.

iPhone quick calculator

You can also access this from the lock screen by swiping right when accessing widgets.

Posted 18th Mar 2019 @ 08:31

Why you're recycling wrong

This gets me all the time. Stuff I assume is recyclable sometimes isn't and I end up throwing out more than I expected.

Our council is pretty good though, with regular collections and they seem to recycle more than others nearby however their guidelines are changing all the time so what is and isn't recyclable can change from quarter to quarter.

Posted 16th Mar 2019 @ 09:00

Facebook's News Feed era is now officially over

The News Feed is what makes all social networks so accessible. A constant stream of information from what you choose to follow. Easy. And yet they've all messed with their core feature to drive engagement over quality.

If you struggle to kick your Facebook habit, I encourage you to demote the app on your phone and to turn of notifications.

In today's landscape social networks are being used for spreading political messages and misinformation no matter how accurate any of that information is. Profit is all they seem to be worried about and they should really decline advertising for spreading political messages. Political or anti-vaccination groups should have no way of promoting their content through ads. And in the case of the latter, their reach should be limited.

Even better still would be a total ban on disinformation that is clearly and consistently disproven. At least it gives me yet another chance to roll out this video on vaccines:

Posted 15th Mar 2019 @ 17:45

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