Petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU by @cchana

I've somehow talked myself out of writing much about Brexit here on 1 Thing A Week and across social media as it often feels futile given the incompetence of those in power but depending on the outcome in the next week or two that could change.

The whole idea behind Brexit is not only impossible, but drive by those who will not lose and yet those that will be impacted are either being lead to their own demise or willing to just see everyone crash and burn.

In a 'fun' turn of events and something that reminded my of a Carlsberg advert, the UK's petitions website has been down most of this morning. When it was up, I saw this particular petition had gained over 600,000 signatures, 400,000 of those over night.

The website is back up and the number of signatures has surpassed 800,000 and will surely hit a million.

Leave or remain, noone should be happy with the current trajectory and potential outcomes on offer. I voted remain, but it's clear that leave voters were lied to.


3million signatures

The petition has now flown past 3 million signatures. It's now overdue a debate in Parliament but there are no guarantees this changes the course of anything.


The petition now has a record number of signatures, with more than 4,275,000 right now.


5,252,697 signatures and rising...


I went to check the running total last night and saw that the UK government had responded to the petition. My take is simple:

Revoking Article 50 would break the promises made by Government to the British people

Lying to the British people before they voted is perfectly OK but now that the facts are laid out bare and for all to see, we should press ahead and not give anyone the opportunity to reconsider. Yeah, OK then... Incompetence in government, in waiting and in opposition.

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