Arrested Development season 5, part 2 review by Darren Franch

The full title of this piece is in fact "Arrested Development season 5, part 2 review: The show must not go on". There are many spoilers in his review and he goes on to say:

Everyone knows Arrested Development ended 13 years ago.

Ouch. Arrested Development is one of my favourite pieces of TV, easily in my top 3 but there's little to disagree on in this review.

Seasons 1 to 3 hit it out the park. Multiple viewings are essential. Season 4, I think, also requires multiple viewings. Second time around it worked far more than I thought it did although it never hit the same highs.

Season 5 is OK, but no more. Franch covers it pretty well and the quote above is unfortunately true. I'll always give it unlimited time and watch anymore they make, but Netflix and/or Hurwitz haven't quite managed to keep the formula working.

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