James Acaster's bits from Bake Off

He was absolutely hilarious on the celebrity edition of The Great British Bake Off this week.

Started baking it, had a breakdown... Bon appetit!

Posted 15th Mar 2019 @ 09:16

ePaper Picture Frame

I've been looking for a decent size e-paper display so that I could build something like this or even better, a smart dashboard powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Price: €159+

Posted 15th Mar 2019 @ 08:45

A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show

I wasn't able to follow the Geneva Motor Show or post about it at the right time (see 2018 coverage, but carwow covered this year's event very well. The Fiat Centoventi looks really nice though and as ever the number of EVs and hybrids continues to grow.

Posted 14th Mar 2019 @ 09:45

The robots are coming for our jobs (thank God)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes on 'loosing' our jobs to automation:

We should be excited about automation, because what it could potentially mean is more time educating ourselves, more time creating art, more time investing in and investigating the sciences, more time focused on invention, more time going to space, more time enjoying the world that we live in. Because not all creativity needs to be bonded by wage.

I work in an industry where automating repetitive tasks is the norm. Even at home, who needs smart bulbs or thermostats? No one really, but there are lots of benefits of taking advantage of technology.

Posted 14th Mar 2019 @ 08:15

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