Apple shut down all of Facebook's internal apps when revoking enterprise certificate

While the insanity continues, Facebook have been hit by Apple who revoked their certificate.

Turns out though, they weren't the only ones. Disappointing to see such disregard for privacy in order to monetize everything about us.

Posted 31st Jan 2019 @ 09:20

Revenge of the Electric Car

Elon Musk tweeted about this documentary and it's a really good watch. It covers the early days of Tesla, the Nissan Leaf and GMs second foray into the world of EVs.

Posted 31st Jan 2019 @ 09:00

New logo for MachineQ

I love a good rebrand and this does look like a step up from where the old brand was. Love how my brain completes the A despite the gap in it's left leg.

Posted 30th Jan 2019 @ 18:00

Life without the everything store

We value convenience, but we shouldn't forget that our digital privacy is important too.

Posted 30th Jan 2019 @ 15:00

TechCrunch: Facebook pays teenagers to install VPN that spies on them

I'm not sure what's more insance, that Facebook did this or that there were people interested in selling everything about them for $240 a year.

TechCrunch have since provided an updated:

Facebook now tells TechCrunch it will shut down the iOS version of its Research app in the wake of our report. The rest of this article has been updated to reflect this development.

But Android users will still be able to participate. Who could even think that this was a good idea, no matter the compensation? Got to agree with Gruber:

No regular developer would get away with this. Facebook is betting that their apps are too popular, that they can do what they want and Apple has to sit back and take it.

It's taken far less for other apps to be pulled. It's not been a great year for Facebook and their approach to privacy. What will be uncovered next?

Posted 30th Jan 2019 @ 09:05

Roald Dahl: Not Vaccinating Your Kids Is "Almost a Crime"

When the topic of vaccinations comes up for debate (it's not), I'm always reminded of this video by Penn & Teller that puts it simply enough for anyone to understand.

Kottke's article is accompanied with a screenshot of a tweet where a teen is looking for information on how to get vaccinated behind their parent's backs.

Axios covered the situation with measels in the US yesterday. Anti-vaxxers not only put their own children at risk but every child they interact with.

Why it matters: Unless doctors and the public step up to counteract the vocal opposition to vaccines with evidence-based facts, there is a serious concern that infectious diseases like measles could return full-force, public health officials and scientists tell Axios.

'Evidence-based facts' is one of the most offensive terms I've ever seen written down. I'd love to chalk all of this up to a lack of education but it's not even this one topic or a single social group that is able to look past the truth. Brexit and Trump are two examples in the political world.

How can anyone misunderstand that the MMR vaccine will prevent your children from dying?

Posted 30th Jan 2019 @ 09:00

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