Corporations are physically fleeing global chaos

Sony are moving from London to Amsterdam and now Dyson are moving to Singapore. Dyson feels the most bizarre because their owner was a staunch 'leaver' citing the benefit for businesses. 2018 bought a deal between the EU and Singapore which is where Dyson announced they'd be setting up for their electric car adventure. Turns out that was just the start. It's an absolute shit show at the moment and yet the incompetent are left in charge while they attempt to deliver the impossible.

Posted 23rd Jan 2019 @ 18:00

New identify for National Museum of Iceland

Iceland is in my top 5 of places visited and we just happened to stay in a hotel directly behind the museum when we visited back in 2012. Can't say I remember the identify at all but I really like the new identity.

In all honesty, it was the settler exhibition near the City Hall left more of an impression.

Posted 23rd Jan 2019 @ 15:00

Air Jordan Low

The 'dunk' is one of my favourite shoes. Sometimes they need to be worn in but they're generally comfortable and come in some great colorways.

I'd have have matched the swoosh with the sole and made them both red.

Posted 23rd Jan 2019 @ 12:00

Giving Tuesday

I'd never heard of Giving Tuesday, something that originated in the Ukraine and has now become a global movement with localised branding.

Ukraine maintain the original logo for themselves, otherwise each country has a heart logo styled according to their national flag. Barbados, Kazakhstan and Liberia not quite following everyone else.

The Australian, Brazilian, French and Slovenian examples don't reflect their flags but perhaps reflects their identities better.

Posted 22nd Jan 2019 @ 20:32

Europe's $57 million fine on Google puts teeth behind the EU's new privacy rules

As someone that works on the web, GDPR seemed both scary and daunting. It's some coincidence that my post on the importance of your digital privacy that Google have been fined so heftily.

Data is traded like a commodity when it's much more than that. Given how things unfolded for Facebook in 2018, how long before they're in the same boat?

Posted 22nd Jan 2019 @ 17:32

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