Withings Steel HR Sport

Before the Apple Watch made the most sense, Withings were very close to being my activity tracker of choice. The Activité Pop looked great but the reviews of the glass easily scratching made me hesitate enough to not buy one. These Steel HR watches, however, look fantastic and their minimal interface is a refreshing take on what a smart watch should be. If an Apple or Android watch is out of your reach, these look like fantastic alternatives.

Posted 26th Sep 2018 @ 08:27

New logo and packaging for Carlsberg

New is probably a strong word to describe this update, but it's a nice revision for a well known brand. Love Brand New's heading:

Probably the Most Subtle Beer Logo Evolution in the World

Posted 25th Sep 2018 @ 20:27

Apple Watch Series 4 making of the fire, water and vapor faces

Apple shared a behind the scenes video with coolhunting where they showed how they created the watch faces for the latest models. They could have rendered them digitally but instead they built huge watch faces and filmed the real elements in a studio.

Posted 25th Sep 2018 @ 11:52

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