14 Years of iPhone

I'm more comfortable with how iPhones are named, now that they're sticking to numbers. Still seems crazy to me that we saw the 15th generation of iPhones announced less than a week ago.

Posted 19th Sep 2021 @ 19:19

Apple unveils new iPad mini with breakthrough performance in stunning new design

Yesterday's Apple Event provided a solid update across the iPhone and Apple Watch ranges. The screens get better and better on the latter and the iPhone Pro range now has Promotion, bringing dynamic refresh rates to the iPhone range. Better battery life on the iPhone is welcome too.

It was the iPad mini changes that impressed me the most. It was an odd size before, the overall size was fine, but the forehead and chin ate into a lot of the display and that's been overcome with the same design as the iPad Air.

It has the latest A15 chip, while the 'regular' iPad which was also updated gets the A13. Plenty of power, good battery and a very discrete profile. It's a really good update.

Posted 15th Sep 2021 @ 09:32

Coming in 2022: A big leap in smart home technology

Matter sounds great but my biggest wish for any smart home platform is for backwards compatibility. Having my Nest thermostat and Google Home Mini available in the Home app would be great. I've got the Nest into the Home app via Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi before but requiring a bridge for any accessory means there's just another point of failure.

Posted 13th Sep 2021 @ 15:08

Why iPhone Names Have Numbers and Most Other Apple Product Names Don't

the iPhone naming scheme is something I've written about before and reading through John Gruber's arguments in this article I'd concede that I was wrong... I'd prefer a better naming scheme but Gruber is right, chances are that you'd be put off by the '2018 iPhone' if you were buying one today in 2021.

I had to count them in my head to check if this was correct, which of course it was:

If Apple had stuck to a numbering scheme as simple as Apple Watch's, next week's new iPhones would be the iPhones 15

That's 15 generations of iPhone (not including SE & C models). By my count, there have been 32 versions of the iPhone overall and we're going to see versions 33-36 debut next week.

Posted 13th Sep 2021 @ 12:10

Facebook and Ray-Ban ‘Smart' glasses

Nick Heer:Notopoulos reports that Facebook added the LED That Must Not Be Covered on the advice of privacy advocates. Apparently, this was not a thought that had independently occurred to those developing the product. Facebook is not a company that values privacy, and its internal culture reflects that.

Have to say it's disappointing to see a brand like Ray-Ban collaborating on a product like this. The LED is not big enough to be useful. There's a video on the Facebook product page and they show a ridiculous conversation between a woman wearing the glasses and a passer by.

There are lots of references to 'privacy' but it's not clear to me what this means actually means in the world of Facebook. It's the privacy of the people you're capturing in a photo or video that probably matters most with a product like this but the video and documentation gives me the impression that it's your own privacy they're protecting. Whatever that means.

Posted 11th Sep 2021 @ 13:30

Driving 1000 Miles in 3 Cars: Gas vs Electric!

Great video from the MKBHD team that pits 2 pure electric cars against the combustion engine. I wouldn't call it a scientific test, but it's interesting to see the results of a gas powered SUV pitted against an electric SUV and an electric saloon/sedan.

The outcome is predictable, even if the electric cars could match (or exceed) the range of a traditional car they still take far longer to charge which feels like a hurdle too far for EVs to overcome any time soon. It's also pretty clear that Tesla's infrastructure is superior in it's integration and availability.

I do think they missed a trick here and should have included the fourth option of a PHEV and/or a mild hybrid.

I'm in the market for a car and as appealing as pure electric is, the cost is prohibitive and even I (a fan of EVs) suffer from range anxiety. I drive a hybrid car at the moment and enjoy the benefits of range and economy (and power). I expect my next car to be a plug-in hybrid; it would give me the option of pure-electric for short journeys, great economy (manufacturers claim 100+ mpg) and of course I would enjoy a performance boost when combining the two.

German manufacturers seemed to have got the PHEV model just right, enough range for most journeys, plenty of power, ~6 hour to charge and combining the two power trains work together effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to pure electric however, the BMW's i4 is the first car to look... normal? Mercedes have gone the other way with their EQ range that isn't as good looking as their gas and hybrid-powered counterparts. In comparison, I really like the look of the PHEV C-Class, E-Class, 3 Series and 5 Series cars.

Posted 10th Sep 2021 @ 09:03

The Guy Who Decides Netflix

Nailed every single point with Netflix (and streaming services in general) in this sketch.

Posted 10th Sep 2021 @ 07:41

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