Energy Disrupt #6

Enjoyed this past week's Energy Disrupt newsletter.

Some say Tesla's influence is overrated but the industry admits it. Last week, Tesla was worth more than the next 12 car companies combined. Volkswagen's CEO recently ate humble pie and admitted Tesla's influence. Toyota - which earlier resisted EVs - has now given in. The entire car industry is ditching fossil-fuels faster than anyone hoped. And it's all because of Tesla's valuation.

Posted 12th Nov 2021 @ 12:11

Updated macOS 12 Monterey page reveals Safari 15 with tabs that look like tabs

Not that my complaints carried any weight, but it is good to see that the Safari team have listened and the browser is getting proper tabs back.

Posted 19th Oct 2021 @ 10:27

"THE BATMAN" trailer

I wasn't holding out much hope for this latest incarnation of Batman but the trailer does look really good and now all of a sudden I can't wait.

Posted 19th Oct 2021 @ 07:57

"Springboard: The Secret History of the First Real Smartphone" trailer

I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now. It looks really interesting.

More interestingly, this debuts on The Verge's own smart TV apps. Their Apple TV app is delayed while they sort out subtitling which for some reason is something Apple handles differently on this one device. Even after 4 years, BBC's iPlayer still doesn't support subtitles in it's Apple TV app.

Posted 18th Oct 2021 @ 08:08

Google Apps for iOS to switch to UIKit after decade of Material Design

I think this is ultimately going to be really good for everyone, we just have to deal with the transition period. Always feels like Google really take their time with UI stuff but maybe some of it was just down to Material Design getting in the way?

Posted 11th Oct 2021 @ 14:47

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