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This is an ingenious idea, although the display doesn't stay on all night. Still, clever idea to make the sound louder when it is used as an alarm clock and the display far bigger for those that need it.

Price: $49.99

Posted 17th Jun 2021 @ 10:53

Wireframe Deck

I really like this idea, taking a more physical approach to projects has helped me a lot in the past. This actually could have saved me a lot of pain in my lost job too!

Price: $45+

Posted 15th Jun 2021 @ 15:50

watchOS 8 brings new access, connectivity, and mindfulness features to Apple Watch

The Portraits Watch Face is what blew me away during this portion of WWDC21.

Example Portraits Watch Face on the Apple Watch running watchOS 8

It's a really clever use of the data in the Portrait photos you take on your iPhone and I know exactly which photo I would use it with. My Apple Watch (Series 2) no longer gets OS updates so I'm out of luck with this one for the moment.

Posted 9th Jun 2021 @ 10:36

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