Takes a while to load but totally worth it, it's a really fun and simple game to play.

Posted 2nd Dec 2021 @ 13:07

Apple announce Self Service Repair

Interesting move from Apple, but I'm curious about how much parts will cost. The battery in my iPhone 8 Plus (not covered by this program) is pretty unhealthy and I can get a third party replacement part, with tools, for about £16. I'd imagine the Apple option will be significantly more expensive and may not come with the necessary tools.

There's also the matter of IP67 water resistance rating that you give up by performing a repair of your own.

Overall, this is a good move.

I wonder if the availability of these parts will start an ecosystem for being able to reuse things like the camera module with a Raspberry Pi.

Posted 17th Nov 2021 @ 17:50

Opinion: HomeKit is doomed to fail if Apple doesn't make their own automation hardware

Hard to argue with the opinion here. Maybe Matter will help, but HomeKit isn't quite where it needs to be seven years since it was announced. While I believe in quality of quantity, this is a pretty poor position to find yourself in:

As of October 2019, Apple lists 450 devices compatible with HomeKit, compared to 10,000 for Google and 85,000 for Amazon.

Posted 14th Nov 2021 @ 20:36

MANUAL Electric Porsche 356 review

This video really got me thinking about how I'd love to electrify a Mercedes-Benz SEC. A donor car wouldn't be a problem to find but the money for the actual conversation is another story.

Posted 13th Nov 2021 @ 22:37

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