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Drowning in plastic

I've seen this article on big oil's deception shared many times this past week. The lack of morality is maddening but as much as I blame those at the top, we're not helping at all as these visualisations show.

But when us consumers do the right thing, just look at what happens to the plastic that's "recycled", most of it is discarded or incinerated.

Posted 17th Sep 2020 @ 13:11

iLy-Ai wooden electric scooter

This is really cute, but scroll down to see how big it really is!

Posted 17th Sep 2020 @ 11:20

The new iPad Air is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2

A14 processor, Apple Pencil 2 support but no LiDAR. The iPad Air + Apple Pencil is probably the best tablet combo around right now.

Posted 16th Sep 2020 @ 09:13

Solar Roof Tiles - should every building generate its own power?

Another example of where governments should be legislating to fight against pollution and climate change. It's frustratingly obvious how much better off we would be if we each generated the power we needed in a sustainable way.

Tesla roof tiles look brilliant, but there's an interesting comment about them in the video which mean that they might not be so viable in the UK. Certainly not our our roof, but the ones shown here look great.

Posted 14th Sep 2020 @ 18:52

How Big Oil misled the public into believing plastic would be recycled

Governments should be banning plastic packaging for new products and giving companies a few years to phase it out for existing products.

There should be a list of safe and acceptable materials that can be used for packaging and that's it.

Posted 14th Sep 2020 @ 15:00

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