DeTomaso Pantera

One mean looking concept from Daniel Crane. The front of the car has a lack of intakes which makes me think that if this ever became a reality it would be in the form of an EV.

Posted 23rd Jun 2021 @ 14:52

Muslim misrepresentation in film

Thought provoking video, especially Ahmed's take on recent movies which are progressive and positive. They still find a way to sideline a minority, and the same minority each time.

Posted 19th Jun 2021 @ 09:00


This is an ingenious idea, although the display doesn't stay on all night. Still, clever idea to make the sound louder when it is used as an alarm clock and the display far bigger for those that need it.

Price: $49.99

Posted 17th Jun 2021 @ 10:53

Wireframe Deck

I really like this idea, taking a more physical approach to projects has helped me a lot in the past. This actually could have saved me a lot of pain in my lost job too!

Price: $45+

Posted 15th Jun 2021 @ 15:50

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