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2020, in 7 minutes

Easy to forget just how much of a shit show 2020 was...

Posted 2nd Jan 2021 @ 08:16

Chichen Itza in the 1890s and now

One of the books I read this year, An Idiot Abroad, actually mentioned how it was 'discovered' just over a decade ago. I assumed it would have been in a remote area but at no point did I think it would have been as invisible as it was.

Posted 31st Dec 2020 @ 20:36

How Bad Is Your Spotify

I feel personally attacked after going through this exercise... Highly recommend it!

Posted 24th Dec 2020 @ 09:56

"Coming 2 America" trailer

Looks... interesting. I love the first and it's not a film that needed a sequel but I'll be watching it anyway when it's available in March.

Posted 22nd Dec 2020 @ 22:33

Facebook: Free as in Bullshit

This is a good point:

If only anyone could remember a time when advertising wasn't based on privacy-invasive tracking, we could know whether there were any successful small businesses back then.

Pre-internet, would I have bothered advertising as a small business? Probably not, but my location and product would have had to have been right for it to work at all. Pre targeted ads, it was probably a bit more of a hit and hope approach. I've said it before, Google had advertising working really well with AdSense all those years ago when it created adverts related to the content is was being displayed alongside.

You definitely get more bang for your buck with targeted ads, but it's not something anyone should be comfortable with.

Posted 22nd Dec 2020 @ 15:00

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