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Polestar 2 real world first drive

Of all the most affordable EVs, the Polestar 2 is the one I would love to own the most despite it being tied to Android at the moment.

Overall, I think the car looks great, inside and out. My only complaint (other than it's adoption of Android) is that the digital dash could be more interesting. If that's all I can complain about, then it can't be too bad.

Carwow's Mat Watson also has a good look at the Polestar too.

Both reviews comment on the optional performance pack and it looks like it's just not worth the money.

Posted 21st Jul 2020 @ 18:15

Viral: The 5G Conspiracy Theory

These people are out of their minds. When experts and scientists are ignored with such ease, there's no need to wonder why this pandemic has been so deadly. While the world has never been closer thanks to the internet, it's somehow driving us all further apart.

Posted 21st Jul 2020 @ 17:00

Churchill's legacy leaves Indians questioning his hero status

There's no doubt Churchill is regarded as a hero to many, in fact that's the one of the terms I may have used to describe him if you had asked me just a year ago... None of the realities of Britain's colonial past are taught in schools so its little wonder that so many look up to people who fought a good fight. So good in fact it's been used to hide their true colours.

Every time I learn more about Churchill and the Empire, it's just another thing I need to be sure that my kids are made aware of. I mean, even the famous 'Blitz Spirit' is fake, and these are the realities we should be learning about because how else are we supposed to better ourselves?

Posted 21st Jul 2020 @ 08:31

"Woke" trailer

I hope this is available in the UK, it looks really good and highly topical as the lead, Lamorne Morris mentioned when he shared the trailer on Instagram.

Posted 20th Jul 2020 @ 10:59

A Class Divided

A thought provoking look at discrimination that should be mandatory viewing. Channel 4's 'The School That Tried to End Racism' is another one.

Posted 18th Jul 2020 @ 18:00

"Ted Lasso" trailer

This looks pretty good. I wonder how many people realise Jason Sudeikis has played Ted Lasso before as part of a funny promo for the Premier League on NBC Sports 6 years ago!

Posted 16th Jul 2020 @ 10:18

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