Forté for iPhone

The best looking dock so far, even if you need to bring your own MagSafe charger. Given Apple have sold docks before, I'm surprised they don't have their own version of this.

Price: $39.99

Posted 27th Apr 2021 @ 14:41

My brief thoughts on Apple's 'Spring Loaded' event

On further reflection, not really sure what to make of the Podcast subscription announcement. RSS is an open standard that has served the podcast works extremely well so to introduce a wall around it seems odd. And I haven't seen many print commenting in it, bar the 30/70 split Apple will be taking.

iMacs look fantastic, although black bezels wins have been better in my opinion. They should have ditched the chin and why the hell doesn't it have Face ID?!

Posted 23rd Apr 2021 @ 21:46


I spent about a year working with a Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad and they were so comfortable to use. This little contraption brings them together really nicely. If I ever get those two devices again I'll be buying one of these too!

Posted 30th Mar 2021 @ 21:58

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