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What is the Volkswagen ID really like?

The ID range from accepted it's first round of pre-orders earlier in the year. Albeit brief, this is a good first look at VWs first all-electric range and the car that replaces the e-Golf. Whether you go hybrid or full EV , it's pretty clear that the future of cars is electric.

Posted 24th Aug 2020 @ 11:00


Sadly, shipping is limited to the US because of the ongoing pandemic (and no doubt Trump's attack on the US Postal Service).

via Kottke.

Price: $10+

Posted 18th Aug 2020 @ 12:19

Two examples of reversing the premise of a movie to fit today's world

Both examples made me laugh and both would be totally plausible in today's world. I want to see them both!

Posted 17th Aug 2020 @ 10:05

Lego Crazy Action Contraptions

We have three of these LEGO x Klutz! books now, but this is the best of the lot. All the parts and instructions you need for building the contraptions they mention. There's a science focused one, called Chain Reactions which is also pretty good but that's better for older kids and you need quite a bit of your own lego to make some of it work.

These books have been a godsend during lockdown and has kept the kids entertianed, so much so they are asking us to help them put these things together.

We've succeeded in keeping the pieces together but they're quite good for just experimenting with too. All the gears, sticks and rubber bands you need to get started.

They have a fourth book coming out in October which we'll get for sure.

Posted 11th Aug 2020 @ 14:00

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