Apple's guide to assembling and adjusting your Face Shield

This is a beautifully lightweight web page from Apple that illustrates how to construct and adjust the face shields they're producing.

For your first ever visit, on a broadband connection, it takes less than 2 seconds to load. Well under a second if you refresh. Fonts and the animated GIFs are the bulk of the traffic between you and Apple.

Between Apple, Ford, Dyson, Tesla and others turning their manufacturing might towards items that will benefit the battle against Covid-19. Hopefully these contributions will make a real difference to how long we're impacted for.

Posted 8th Apr 2020 @ 17:18

IYOKI Philips Hue light switch covers

There are already few variations of this type of cover plate on Amazon. I actually bought a couple from eBay which work well but need the entire face plate from Philips. This one on Kickstarter looks pretty clean and I'm tempted to replace ours with these.

Posted 8th Apr 2020 @ 14:52

This video's title tells you how many views it has

Nice bit of wizardry here from Tom Scott, he's using YouTube's APIs to periodically update the title to reflect the number of views it has.

As Web 2.0 surfaced, I was just starting out in web development. Public APIs were just starting to get going and progressive enhancements were all the rage. It's sad that a lot of services, or the original incarnation, no longer exists. And I find the current state of the web pretty annoying as progressively enhancing something would probably reduce the weight of a lot of websites down to a fraction of what they currently are.

Posted 7th Apr 2020 @ 14:47

Imaginary Pie from Hook

This was a really fun video to watch, but Hook just happened to be a topic on the Paul F. Tompkins episode of the Off Menu Podcast where they discussed if Hook had stood the test of time. We watched (most of it) recently. Much darker than I remember, but still such a great film for me.

Posted 4th Apr 2020 @ 09:00

How the Air Max 90 changed the sneaker world

Complex released a new episode of Sole Origins, mostly re-cut from old videos from the series, covering the Air Max 90 which has now been around for 30 years. I've owned a couple of pairs and they are very comfortable. Oddly, the Air Max 1 silhouette is actually my favourite and yet I've never owned a pair of those.

Posted 3rd Apr 2020 @ 10:00

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