Cimafunk Tiny Desk Concert

It's been a while since I linked to a Tiny Desk Concert, and despite not understanding a single word, this one was so much fun to listen to and really upbeat.

A great day to wind down on a Friday afternoon.

Posted 6th Mar 2020 @ 16:00

New logo for BMW

At first pass, it looks like the bevels have been removed and the typeface updated but turns out BMW have dropped the colour black completely from the logo and it's no transparent.

Interesting choice and it might just work.

The biggest change is the loss of the black background, which I feel is what made the BMW so iconic and elegant, adding a rich contrast to the white and blue. Without the black and the concept of transparency for the new logo, it literally looks like something is missing. The non-transparent version that appears on white, with the strokes in half of the quadrants looks, sadly, terrible and demonstrates the kind of struggles this new approach will yield. I think abandoning black was not the best choice — on their website, which is the sole corporate application available, the new logo gets lost.

When it's as small as it is on the website, it definitely works better on a darker background. The non-transparent version (for white backgrounds?) is a little odd, with two additional strokes required to contain the white propellors.

Still recognisably BMW, it looks great on the i4 concept bonnet – not that I even noticed the change while watching the video.

Posted 5th Mar 2020 @ 10:01

Hyundai Motor "Prophecy" concept EV

Where to begin? Half Tesla Model 3 and half Porsche Panamera from the outside and standard concept interior. What caught my attention in the copy was the mention of last year's 45 concept. I had to look it up and that's a far more appealing car than the Prophecy concept.

Posted 5th Mar 2020 @ 08:54

Nixon All Gunmetal Sentry Chrono watch

I rarely link to traditional watches as I don't wear them, but before I owned an Apple Watch, I actually went without one for a while. Mainly because the watches I wore were metal and created a lot of noise while using a computer. For years I would wear a watch to walk and take it off so I could type in peace.

The last proper watch I owned was an inexpensive Lorus which I actually loved to wear.

This all gunmetal Nixon, though. It's stunning.

Price: £325

Posted 4th Mar 2020 @ 19:00

First Look: BMW i4

Another EV is about to appear in BMW's electric range of cars.

Posted 3rd Mar 2020 @ 14:24

Life Stats

Another fun project from Neal Aggarwal, enter your date of birth and see a long list of things that have happened since you were born.

Posted 3rd Mar 2020 @ 13:22

NASA images show China pollution clears as coronavirus shuts factories

London now has the ULEZ but this takes reducing the levels of pollution to another level.

Posted 3rd Mar 2020 @ 10:28

Precision bend ruler

We've recently completed a bunch of work on our house, just a few bits I've had to take on myself like decorating, but something like this would have been infinitely useful for tackling things in right corners.

via Reddit

Posted 3rd Mar 2020 @ 09:00

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