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5-hour workdays? 4-day workweeks? Yes, please

Hell, yes. Any time we get back for ourselves will hopefully make us all much happier. It's easy to get lost in your own world because our time is so limited.

Interestingly, in the example mentioned, social media was blocked and phones put away. I already leave checking most social networks to an early morning and late evening activity. I miss out on real time news, but it's not something I feel the need to get me through the day.

Implementing shorter working hours, universal income or both would be fantastic for us all.

Posted 12th Nov 2019 @ 16:32

LDN T-shirt

I still have two OG Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt from 2005 but this is one version I missed out on after thinking about whether it was worth it or not... it's back but way more expensive than it was before.

One that didn't make it to the UK though, was this N*E*R*D x BBC logo tee which is the design I covet the most.

Price: £75

Posted 11th Nov 2019 @ 09:52

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