Are You Rich? This income-rank quiz might change how you see yourself

Tailored to the US market (it is from the NY Times), it's an interesting way to help you frame your income as 'rich' or not and what percentile you fit into.

The concept of “rich” is more complicated than this, of course. Every household is unique; housing costs and other living expenses can vary widely within metro areas; student debt and medical expenses can be crippling; children are expensive. And income isn't the only variable that affects economic standing — savings, investment portfolios, real estate and other holdings not accounted for here all factor into a family's overall wealth.

But these figures can provide perspective. They show the income distribution of people and households in your area to demonstrate where you stand relative to other residents. They also make clear the wide regional variations in American income — a high earner in Omaha would not necessarily be a high earner in San Francisco.

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