Sex.Com by Kieren McCarthy

One of those stories that shouldn't be true, but is. I've been looking for a domain name recently and was reminded of this story because of the amount of squatting going on.

What's in a name? For the owner of, a cool $100 million a year. With five million page views every day, was the most valuable piece of virtual real-estate on the planet and the dubious jewel in the crown of the newborn internet. But the fact that it didn't physically exist didn't mean that it couldn't be stolen. With an ingenious scam - the full details of which have never been revealed until now - lifelong con-man Stephen Cohen was able to snatch and walk into a life of untold wealth and luxury. But Cohen had under-estimated the determination of Gary Kremen, the man he had stolen it from, to get his property back. It would take ten years and millions of dollars, but Kremen would see Cohen finally pay for his crimes.

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