Biden unveils "wartime" COVID strategy

Almost a year in to this being a world-wide issue, the adults are here and taking a far more sensible approach to tackling the Coronavirus pandemic. It's so satisfying to see, on this issue alone. I hope the UK follows their lead and starts to take it all more seriously. Herd immunity isn't working and neither is the viscous lockdown and cycle. Mandating masks is almost a year overdue in this country.

@Femi_Sorry made a very good point about mental health this morning. It might take us some time to get back to and even be able to enjoy normality. I'm not even thinking about going abroad or letting the kids loose in a playground in 2021.

Then there's the potential return to busy office environments, cinemas, shops and anywhere else people gather. We might not want to be near people from outside our 'bubbles' for a while.

If you don't already, follow @devisridhar for a common sense and the realistic (with a bit of positivity thrown in) stance on how things are going.

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