Reports of Lackluster iPhone 12 Mini Sales Corroborated By Supply Chain Sources

I continue to be surprised by this news, I'm convinced Apple Stores being closed is the driver behind it all. If you're worried it might be too small, why risk it? If you were able to go to a store and try them side by side, I think it would have been an absolute hit. Other than battery life (still pretty good), there's no difference between the non-Pro models.

We have a iPhone 12 Mini in the house and it's just a wonderful size, reachable with a single hand in most cases. The camera is brilliant, it's snappy, it's just a great phone.

We spent a lot of time debating on which size phone to buy. It was replacing an iPhone 7, so we had that alongside an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone 5 to compare it to. We had a really good idea of it's size and we have no regrets.

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