Apple in 2020: The Six Colors report card

I've commented on the apparent lack of interest in the iPhone 12 Mini a few times since it launched but this point from Rene Ritchie is one we actually wrestled with before opting for a Mini and I had completely forgotten about it!

Rene Ritchie said, “Splitting low cost from small size with separate iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini models is going to take a while to process, and 5G seems to be as much dead weight as accelerant right now, but overall the 12 series is a solid, steady update.”

Back when my wife's phone first had issues in the middle of the year, we held of buying until September and made do until then. Of course the phones were not available until later and the Mini itself even later still. The question was always do we go for the current iPhone SE (released early 2020, same spec as the iPhone 11 range internally but single camera and Touch ID), or an iPhone 12 model?

The price difference is huge, I mean the SE is almost half the price after all. We went with the iPhone 12 Mini so that we had the latest camera hardware, the phone should last a number of years (at least one more than the SE we would hope). But because the price saving was so significant it wasn't a straightforward choice at all. Combining the sales figures for the iPhone 12 Mini and the 2nd-gen iPhone SE could be a better indicator of the 'small phone' format's success.

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