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There's a New Apple Pencil With a USB-C Port, and My Thoughts Turn to the Complexity of the Overall iPad Lineup

Everyone is right to complain about how complicated the iPad and Apple Pencil lineup is now. Choice is great, but too much choice can be a burden.

John Gruber gives his thoughts on what he'd like from the lineup. As someone who struggled to decide between the 11inch iPad Pro (two generations behind it's bigger brother) and the iPad Air and then just gave up because the overlap in pricing felt weird I have some thoughts of my own:

  • Ditch the Air from the lineup. Having a Mini, regular, Air and Pro makes the choice needlessly difficult.
  • Ditch the 9th-generation iPad
  • I don't have FaceID on my iPad Mini and it would be the smallest QoL improvement that I don't think it's a must for the cheaper models
  • OLED screens and always-on displays for the Pro models

I can't believe I've had my iPad Mini for two years now. It continues to be something I turn to daily for work and for play. It's size is brilliant for everything although it can be a bit of a struggle in Procreate.

Speaking of which, I really should put together a long term review for Good Gear Club.

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