Apple Cancels Electric Car Project

When the next version of CarPlay was originally announced, it left me scratching my head:

If Project Titan (Apple's rumoured car project) is real, then Apple have struck an amazing deal here to be able to integrate with an unbelievable number of cars that will be hitting the road from late-2023 onwards.

Turns out both Aston Martin and Porsche announced right at the end of 2023 that cars with the new CarPlay integration were coming in 2024. I was personally surprised it happened because there seemed to be a bit of resistance to the announcement back in 2022.

This outcome seems best to me, Apple do great software and hardware and are the best at bringing both together. The premium cost for an Apple device are palatable because of their performance and longevity but Apple aren't going to sell a family car for family car money which limits it's reach.

The Apple Vision Pro might be very expensive now, but with time and great adoption, the price will surely come down to make it more accessible. That never happens in the car industry.

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