The surprising truth about UK energy use

Interesting video, but I feel like there was a bit of misinformation around electric cars. The road tax you now pay in the UK isn't just based on it's CO2 emissions but on it's original list price too.

If you drive an electric car that cost less than £40,0000 then it will in fact be free to drive, but if your car's list price is £40,000 or more then the owner must pay a premium of £320 for years 2-6 of it's life. So a Tesla Model 3, or a Nissan Leaf (as featured in the video) might fall into that band, but a Model S wouldn't.

Posted 19th Sep 2019 @ 14:51

Less… Is More? Apple's Inconsistent Ellipsis Icons Inspire User Confusion

There are times I open an app knowing I want to search so I double tap the home button to bring the screen down only to realise there's no search icon there and it's in the bar at the bottom.

Posted 18th Sep 2019 @ 13:10

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