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Google Maps 101: how we map the world

Interesting look at how Google go about their business mapping the world. I'm persevering with Apple Maps for now.

For more on the evolution on the evolution of Google/Apple Maps, always worth having a look at Justin O'Beirne's blog.

Posted 23rd Jul 2019 @ 11:16

Lotus Evija

No idea if this is pronounced ev-ee-ja or ev-ee-ya, but it looks stunning. All electric, fast and powerful, exactly what you want from a Lotus.

Posted 23rd Jul 2019 @ 09:00

Boris Johnson is days away from Downing Street

For all the complaining about unelected officials in Brussels (untrue), we're set to have our second unelected leader (May at least held a general election after gaining her position). Everyone can laugh at the US with Donald Trump at the helm but it's really no different in the UK. If Brexit goes through, what a disaster it will be for our children. The example being set by those in positions of power couldn't be much worse.

Posted 21st Jul 2019 @ 17:59

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