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Offset your carbon footprint with Project Wren

I came across Project Wren via swissmiss, the bit that got me was in their FAQs:

The best minds of our generation are optimizing Ads at Google and Facebook. We think this is a shame, but we will only be able to hire those people if we can pay them. By taking a 20% margin on each subscription, we will be able to hire an amazing team to reverse climate change.

Posted 15th Jul 2019 @ 13:43

Facebook is embedding tracking data inside photos you download

If you follow the short thread, then In a way it's admirable that they are using this technique to track who the photo originated from, but ultimately it's creepy. Exactly what you expect from Facebook.

Posted 15th Jul 2019 @ 11:47

The Atlas of Moons

I can't wait to show this website to my daughter. It's so well done, I had no idea there were so many moons around Jupiter.

Via kottke.org.

Posted 12th Jul 2019 @ 13:55

Suck UK Mini World Map with Cross-stitch Embroidery Kit

I really like maps that help you chart where you've been and this is a lot smaller than the one we have, but looks really fun too.

Normally £25, it's actually on offer today in the UK, as part of Amazon's Treasure Truck where you can get it for £9.99.

Price: £25

Posted 11th Jul 2019 @ 09:39

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