Pluto in true color

Pluto had always been described as cold and icy so for some reason I'd always thought it was blue.

Posted 11th Sep 2019 @ 15:59

Air conditioning is warming the Earth

I thought CFCs were a think of the past?

... most air conditioning units contain chemical refrigerants (CFCs and HCFCs) that, if released, “have 1,000 to 9,000 times greater capacity to warm the atmosphere than carbon dioxide”. Phasing out the use of CFCs & HCFCs in new units and capturing the refrigerants in discarded units can prevent global warming to such a degree that it's the #1 way to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Posted 11th Sep 2019 @ 11:08

Eddie Griffin Wants the Police to Whoop Him

This is the first time I'd ever come across video footage of this or routine despite having the audio for nearly 20 years.

Posted 10th Sep 2019 @ 14:02

UltraSlim™ Wallet

I think Nixon make the best wallets but this is one I'd happily switch to if I didn't have to deal with coins.

Price: £19.95

Posted 10th Sep 2019 @ 10:51

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