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Boaty McBoatface makes major climate change discovery on maiden outing

Researchers found that the increasing winds are cooling water on the bottom of the ocean, forcing it to travel faster, creating turbulance as it mixed with warmer waters above.

Experts said the mechanism has not been factored into current models for predicting the impact of increasing global temperatures on our oceans, meaning forecasts should be altered.

Posted 18th Jun 2019 @ 17:22

Genius catches Google copying song lyrics

You can read more of the article on the WSJ's AMP page.

It's insane that Google would deny it. They pay Apple billions of dollars to be the default search engine, why not work a deal with Genius for their content?

Has to be said though, what a genius bit of entrapment! It's a similar technique that map makers use to protect their work.

Posted 18th Jun 2019 @ 14:49

The core values of the EU are: Internationalism, Solidarity, Freedom

Very well put and a very welcome, positive, message about the UK's relationship with the UK.

Posted 18th Jun 2019 @ 12:08

The top 20 funniest Dad jokes, according to kids

I really should have posted this yesterday. This is the one that got me:

What did the drummer call his twin daughters? - Anna one, Anna two!

Posted 17th Jun 2019 @ 17:41

Sony digital voice recorder (ICD-TX800)

Looks more like a GoPro than a voice recorder, but that's exactly what it is.

The ICD-TX800 has 16GB of built-in memory, so you have plenty of storage space for your audio. Record for a maximum of 238 hours in one go, or store up to 4000 separate files.

The last time I used a dedicated voice recorder, it took min-tape cassettes and the amount it could record was defined in minutes, not hundreds of hours. And forget about skipping or plugging it into your computer.

Price: £157

Posted 17th Jun 2019 @ 16:13

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