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We're about to see the first-ever photo of a black hole

It seems that the day has arrived! On 10 April 2019, the team behind the EHT project and associated organisations are going to present results they describe as "groundbreaking"

I'll be interested to see how close the depiction of a black hole in Interstellar is compared to the real thing.

Posted 8th Apr 2019 @ 08:48

Germany is on to the greatest fraud in British political history

Click through and watch the 11 minute segment.

John Oliver has also covered the topic of Brexit pretty well as part of Last Week Tonight. Both ZDF and HBO are currently offering better coverage than anything I've seen in the UK.

Posted 5th Apr 2019 @ 15:00

Francesco Totti was the eternal player in the Eternal City

Francesco Totti is the reason I support Roma. I remember watching Football Italia with my grandfather back in the late 90's where I saw him tearing teams appart for fun.

I have quite a few memories of his time as a player including the 2000 European Championships, winning the 2001 Scudetto and of course watching Italy lift the 2006 World Cup after which he retired from international football.


Posted 5th Apr 2019 @ 12:00

The rise of the fast food veggie burger

Casey Neistat had a couple of videos on the impossible burger, one where it was taste tested and another where he tricked his friend, Dan into trying one. My only beef is with products like Quorn which are generally very poor imitations.

From Jason Kottke's commentary, I totally agree with this statement:

I just want it to taste like a Quarter Pounder — and then high-end burgers (the ones where you can tell the difference and you eat only rarely) were made from humanely raised beef for which consumers pay an appropriate price that accurately reflects the true-cost accounting of their production. A meat burger that costs a dollar is just being paid for in other ways by someone or something else.

Particularly the last bit. I accept I am perhaps in a more privileged position where generally I'm able to afford the things I need and still have change to spare but it often baffles me that things don't cost what they should cost. Whenever we take the cheaper option then we're paying for it in quality and you'd think that food is one of those areas where that's unacceptable but clearly it's acceptable to most of us. Or perhaps most of us don't care enough about it.

I have yet to try one of these impossible burgers out but I really want to. I love eating meat but if I can get that same satisfaction from a product that isn't taking it's toll on the planet then I have no problem making the switch.

Posted 4th Apr 2019 @ 10:13

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