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The “will of the people” is not set in stone – a second referendum is the only way to heal the nation

Brexiteers oppose a second referendum for a reason. They invoke the spectre of violent disorder for a purpose. They do so not out of respect for democracy, but because they fear that they could not dupe the electorate into voting a second time

Given the hypocrisy it's hard to argue with this point.

Posted 10th Apr 2019 @ 18:52

First ever black hole image released

Last week I posted that the first image of a black hole was on it's way and now it's been revealed.

It measures 40 billion km across - three million times the size of the Earth - and has been described by scientists as "a monster".

The black hole is 500 million trillion km away and was photographed by a network of eight telescopes across the world.


"What we see is larger than the size of our entire Solar System," he said.

"It has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun. And it is one of the heaviest black holes that we think exists.

Posted 10th Apr 2019 @ 17:56

How health care would change under 'Medicare for All'

While the UK government appears to be quietly privatising the NHS, there are still politicians elsewhere trying to make it the national interest.

Yet again, I'm astounded that our health and education are even up for debate. They should be top of the agenda and take as much funding as they need.

Posted 10th Apr 2019 @ 14:56

'The Umbrella Academy' trailer

I just finished watching the first season of The Umbrella Academy and realised I'd only ever linked to the teaser trailer back December.

There are times where it's pace is a little slow, but overall a really interesting show that is well worth a watch.

Posted 9th Apr 2019 @ 09:00

SYMFONISK: Stereo furniture by Sonos and IKEA

A collaboration between speaker manufacturer Sonos and IKEA was teased a few weeks ago and now we have a first look at the products they'll be bringing to IKEA stores in Q3 this year.

As well as traditional speakers, there will be a lamp/speaker combo availble too:

sonos and ikea lamp
Easily connect SYMFONISK and all other Sonos speakers and components over WiFi to listen in every room of your home. Pair speakers in the same room for detailed stereo separation and connect your TV to enjoy immersive surround sound for all your entertainment.
Enjoy music, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, TV, and more on Sonos. Steam from all your favorite services and easily control your sound system with the Sonos app, Apple Airplay 2, and your voice.

It all sounds great at a technical level, but no word on pricing yet.

Posted 9th Apr 2019 @ 08:31

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