Climate Change — The Facts

I missed this when it aired on the BBC a week ago but it's been uploaded by another YouTube account to give it more exposure outside of the UK.

The documentary will provide an urgent look at the science of climate change and the potential solutions to this global threat, combining footage that reveals the already devastating impact of climate change on our planet, with interviews from some of the world's leading climate scientists.

After one of the hottest years on record, climatologists and meteorologists explain the effects of climate change on both the human population and the natural world. Scientists, including Dr James Hansen, Dr Michael Mann and Professor Catherine Mitchell, will forensically unpack the science behind the extreme weather conditions of recent years - which have seen unprecedented storms and catastrophic wildfires - as well as detailing how the accelerating rate at which the world's ice is melting is causing sea level rises, and how deforestation is exacerbating the problem of global warming by adding to CO2 in the atmosphere.

Posted 25th Apr 2019 @ 15:00

Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown


At the request of Samsung, iFix removed their teardown. You can read more about it here

Posted 25th Apr 2019 @ 12:00

Retro Tech: Game Boy

I was a big Nintendo fan growing up and still have a NES, 3D DS and ny original Game Boy at home. The screen doesn't really work but I really want to find a way to fix it having watched this.

Posted 25th Apr 2019 @ 09:00

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