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Turnaround time on Facebook's spying: 12 hours

One of the most annoying side effects of being tracked so heavily is targeted ads. The most invasive seem to be through the relationship that Amazon and advertisers have. When I purchase something, I soon see ads for that item. Which is senseless. I've bought it. Don't tell me I need it now.

I long for the content focused advertising days of Google AdSense where they scanned the page so that they could send related ads.

If there was a tier that offered this, I'd jump at the chance to use it.

Posted 3rd Mar 2019 @ 22:29

Halide devs launch new 'Spectre' app for capturing long exposure photography

This looks pretty cool, but I'm a bit confused as Live Photos on the iPhone offer this to some degree already. Swipe up and you get a choice of the following:

  • Live (default)
  • Loop
  • Bounce
  • Long Exposure

And of course you can edit and turn the live photo capability off anyway (and choose the still frame). I've used the Long Exposure option to great effect in the past and it both stabilizes and smooths out the scene very well. Perhaps Spectre is better for light trail effects.

Price: $1.99

Posted 2nd Mar 2019 @ 15:00

VW launch new China-focused brand: JETTA

The J in the wordmark instantly reminded me of the current Juventus brand.

The cars themselves look like they are based on SEAT models (a VW owned brand) rather than VW ones.

Posted 2nd Mar 2019 @ 12:00

Detective Pikachu second trailer

When the original trailer for Detective Pikachu it looked fun but was overwhelmed with Ryan Reynold's voice for Pikachu.

Now with more footage, it actually looks like a fun movie that I might even make the time to go and see.

Posted 1st Mar 2019 @ 18:30

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