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text entry on XKCD

Text entry on your TV is maddening and even with an Apple TV, which prompts on your phone, it's not entirely seamless.

Posted 16th Apr 2019 @ 09:11

Notre Dame cathedral burns in Paris

More from The Atlantic on the aftermath and how it looks inside the cathedral.

Posted 15th Apr 2019 @ 21:40

Geneva Motor Show 2019 electric vehicle highlights

Once again, some very interesting cars on display and especially in the EV arena. Fully Charged had great coverage of last year's event too.

Posted 15th Apr 2019 @ 17:44

Twitter platform manipulation

I have some admiration for Twitter with all they're doing to combat the problem of disinformation but it feels like us, as users, expect them to be responsible for filtering out without taking any of the onus ourselves.

One thing I didn't cover in 5 ways to improve your digital state of mind was how to make take back some of that control, something Twitter makes relatively easy. Perhaps a topic for another day, but the just is that you can do any of the following to better curate your feed:

  • Mute accounts
  • Block accounts
  • Mute words, hashtags and phrases

Posted 15th Apr 2019 @ 14:44


From the thumbnail this looked like a Qi compatible charger but even though it needs an adapter for the charging socket, still a very neat and tidy charging solution.

Price: S$19+

Posted 15th Apr 2019 @ 08:44

What do we do now that will be unthinkable in 50 years?

I came across something this week that talked about the investment that goes into cars and specifically self-driving ones at the moment and how foolish it is. We should be investing in a shared infrastructure we can all use instead of wanting to own a car of our own. I can't find it at the moment to reference, but it was the prediction from Meredith Broussard who believes that self-driving cars will be unthinkable 50 years from now.

It doesn't feel safe to imagine riding in a shared driverless vehicle. Not just because the technology doesn't work — but because it doesn't feel safe to be alone in a small, enclosed space with strange men.

Pretty damning take on society right now, but I get it. As a teen, getting the bus as a group always felt safer than going alone unless it was during commuting time.

Posted 13th Apr 2019 @ 15:00

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