The failure of the great tip-free restaurant experiment

Imagine not being paid enough to do your job. The service industry in the US is stacked in favour of the business running the service and it's employees rely on their patrons to make up the rest. 20% is an unbelievable amount in my opinion but what's worst is that these experiments to do away with tips are failing. Employees should be paid appropriately by their employers and there should be nothing else to say on the matter.

Posted 21st Apr 2019 @ 11:00

A car wrap for the indecisive millionaire ?

There's no way this is real. Right? I looked at who was tagged in the photo to find out more and first up was @ceramicpro who have a video where they are 'testing' their digitalized protection film - available 2023.

The second tag was for @bad.not.bad who shared the same video. Real or not, it's a very interesting idea.

Posted 20th Apr 2019 @ 21:00

Why EU regions are redrawing their borders

Really informative and interactive piece by The Pudding on how countries are redefining regions in order to secure more funding.

They've done a great job of visualising how developed Europe is by country and regions.

Posted 20th Apr 2019 @ 18:00

Amazon and Google both launch ad-based ‘free' music tiers

Amazon's offering is limited to the US for now but the free YouTube Music service is available in a number countries including the U.K.

Posted 19th Apr 2019 @ 17:00

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