Brazil's 2019 away shirt

Released without much fanfare, I just happened to come across the new Brazil away shirt while browsing the Nike app. While I think I prefer their 2018 World Cup away shirt, this one is so retro it's cool.

I don't ever remember seeing a modern Brazil side wear white shirts, but turns out they briefly wore one in 2004. The shirt most reminds me of their kits from the 1980s, specifically the one the wore during the 1986 Mexio World Cup:

Brazil home shirt 1986

Price: £69.95

Posted 19th Apr 2019 @ 10:00

How Jack Dorsey plans to change Twitter

The bottom line: Dorsey said he's not worried that those changes could mean people will spend less time on Twitter. "If more relevance means less time on the service, that's perfectly fine," he said, adding that if people are having conversations, Twitter "can still serve an ad against that."

If this means monetizing content over users, then what a move this will be. Engagement might be a good metric for marketers and for reach but it appears to be pretty damaging day to day.

While we wait for these changes to be applied, you can already do a few things to improve your experience on Twitter.

Posted 17th Apr 2019 @ 15:01

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