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Cubbit: reinventing the cloud

The primary Kickstarter video doesn't really tell you anything, but their YouTube video explains it quite well.

Your data gets distributed randomly across other Cubbits so if you add up to 4TB of storage I guess that entitles you to that amount of cloud storage but not on your own Cubbit, but across all Cubbits. Very interesting.

Price: $219+

Posted 28th Feb 2019 @ 12:30

Meet the Polestar 2

It's not been that long since I looked at the Polestar 1 and I'll be looking at the Polestar 2 next week.

At a third of the price of the '1', the '2' looks more practical and more affordable and will be all electric.

Posted 28th Feb 2019 @ 11:00

First look at the Honda E prototype

I looked at the Honda Urban EV way back for week 21 and it was a really welcome retro-futuristic take on the electric car, something that Peugeot have also tapped into for one of their concepts.

This pre-production prototype is pretty faithful to the concept but the range is dreadful. I know it's a small car but range anxiety has always been the thing pointed to by petrol heads.

I still think it looks great though. given the success of the Fiat 500, it's looks alone should make it appealing enough.

Top Gear also got a chance to take a first look.

Posted 27th Feb 2019 @ 15:00

Why are the BBC and ITV creating BritBox?

You can register for updates on the BritBox website and I didn't know that the service was already available in the US & Canada with a landing page that rips of off Netflix' own that they may as well have put their logos in white capitals inside a red box!

The BBC's own tech correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones quiped that the competition regulator blocked 'Project Kangaroo' 10 years ago when the BBC and ITV attempted to launch a joint streaming service.

BBC's iPlayer is great and the ITV Player isn't bad, just ad supported which and they offer a premium service that removes ads.

It is an imperative for ... ITV, that the broadcaster develops a digital offering that reduces reliance on advertising and gathers data on the viewing habits of consumers. ITV Player has done a bit of this. BritBox will supercharge it.

Who will this be aimed at? What content will it have that their existing services cannot offer?

Posted 27th Feb 2019 @ 14:35

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