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Adam Conover debunks misconceptions about Tesla & climate change

It's easy to forget the energy that goes into creating something that is supposed to help the world, like building a car. It's not even just the manufacturing process, but the mining of raw materials too.

I always remember Jeremy Clarkson talking about the Prius being uneconomically viable. While consumers are urged to drive cleaner cars, the onus has been put on 'us' to make a 'better' choice when perhaps it should be on manufacturers and for them to clean up their act.

Posted 5th Dec 2018 @ 18:00

Passion Journals by Moleskin

There's something about a Moleskine that makes them special. They're great notebooks to have and available in so many different formats and paper styles. It's the notebook brand I always go for if there's a choice.

Now, Moleskine offer journals for special occasions like the birth of a baby, wedding planning or a travel journal to help you document your travels.

Price: £21.99+

Posted 5th Dec 2018 @ 12:00

The Art Institute of Chicago Has Put 50,000 High-Res Images from Their Collection Online

52,438 to be exact. It's a large collection which is impressive in itself, but even more so is the level of detail to be found. van Gogh's Self Portrait can be made full screen and you can zoom in more to see the detail.

Posted 4th Dec 2018 @ 20:30

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