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New logos for all of Channel 4 by 4creative and ManvsMachine

My first thought was, what the fuck is this shit?! But these idents are pretty nice. Film 4 has always looked odd to me boxed in, it would look more appropriate for Love Film but the More 4 logo is a really nice evolution. You can see all of the new branding here:

Posted 18th Oct 2018 @ 20:51

Shredding the Girl and Balloon - The Director's Cut

I've already linked to the original photo Banksy posted on Instagram and updated with the short clip but it caused a lot of speculation about the actual painting being hidden and it was really an illusion. Looks like Banksy wants to set the record straight.

Update: One thing I missed, and Metro pointed out, is that it didn't go to plan. In tests the painting went through all the way.

Posted 18th Oct 2018 @ 17:51

Tale of four countries: The world's evolving energy mixes

The visualisation of how each country's energy mix has changed is very surprising, to me at least.

  • Solar barely registers anywhere. Look at countries I'd say were synonymous with the Sun like Spain, India and Brazil and it doesn't even get a label.
  • Hydo is everywhere
  • It's disgusting how much the world still relies on burning coal.

You look at countries like Norway (96% hydro) or Nepal (100% hydro) and compare that to the US (64% fossil fuel) and the UK (~75% fossil fuel) and it's obvious why climate scientists are worried.

Take a look through the list of countries and their energy mix. I was genuinely surprised at the results for most of the countries, and not in a good way.

Posted 16th Oct 2018 @ 17:23

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